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The Wagner year is approaching its climax in Bayreuth: the première of Frank Castorf’s new production of the “Ring des Nibelungen”. There are numerous events at which we are commemorating the composer, and we should like to make your trip to the Bayreuth Festival as varied as possible.


Almanac 2013

The fourth edition, with the portraits of the soloists, is devoted above all to the new “Ring” production.
You can order it at the Friends office (price: 20 €).

still available:

Almanac 2012
This is the third issue, adn in it we take a look at the artistic processes on the Grüner Hügel again, including interviews with performers involved. We are also examine Richard Wagner´s work and ideas in some detail.
You still can order the almanac 2012 at the Friends office (price: 15 €).

also available:

  • Almanac 2011, 15 Euro
  • Almanac 2010, 10 Euro
  • Espresso-Tassen "Freund" und "Freundin"

Events 2013


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